Lord Popat Conservative , Government Spokesperson, Departments for Business, Innovation and Skills, Communities and Local Government and Transport; Government Whip


Dolar Popat

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  1. Israeli settlements
  2. Northcote Road shops
  3. Dangerous dogs petition
  4. Clapham Junction tube
  5. Heathrow expansion
  6. Health services
  7. Fly tipping

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  • Born:

    14/6/1953 Dolar Popat
  • Lords career

    Government Whip 2013-; Government Spokesperson: Business, Innovation and Skills 2013-, Transport 2013-, Communities and Local Government (Faith and Communities) 2014-.
  • Political interests

    International affairs, international development, small- and medium-sized businesses, banking and finance, community, exports.
  • Party groups

    Secretary, Anglo-Asian Conservative Association; Chair, One Nation Forum, Barnet; President, Harrow East Conservative Association; Member, Conservative Ethnic Diversity Council; Co-chair, Conservative Friends of India 2012-13.
  • Countries of interest

    Africa, India, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda.

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