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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee was briefed on what the Public Sector Pensions Bill would mean for Northern Ireland, on 9 January 2013.

Department of Finance official Grace Nesbitt explained to members that the bill resulted from the introduction of public sector pensions reform by the coalition government at Westminster.

The Westminster bill seeks to move public sector pensions to a career average scheme, instead of final salary schemes, and increases the age at which members can draw their pensions.

The plans were based on a report by Labour peer Lord Hutton, who designed four key tests for public service pension reform: affordability, fairness to public service workers, fairness to taxpayers, and transparency.

Ms Nesbitt said the Executive had decided not to adopt a different approach in relation to Northern Ireland.

She added there would be two levels to implementing the reforms and there would be "considerable scope" for variations during secondary legislation.

The department official said civil servants, devolved judiciary workers, government workers, health service staff, teachers, fire and rescue workers and police would be affected by the changes which are expected to be implemented in April 2015.

The committee also heard from Land and property Services officials on rating issues.

Finance committee membership

  • David McIlveen

  • Peter Weir

  • John McCallister

  • Mitchel McLaughlin

  • Adrian McQuillan


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