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Question Time: OFMDFM and Regional Development

There are no plans to change the definition of marriage in Northern Ireland MLAs were told, on 17 September 2012.

Junior Minister Jonathan Bell said parties on the executive were "hopelessly divided" on gay marriage.

Mr Bell said his party, the DUP, saw gay marriage as "an oxymoron".

He said the executive would publish a draft sexual orientation strategy before the end of year.

First Minister Peter Robinson reiterated his support for the devolution of corporation tax.

Mr Robinson said the move "would provide a major stimulus to the local economy".

He said the executive's working group with the Treasury on corporation tax would hold its next meeting in October.

The DUP's Sammy Douglas expressed concern at Finance Minister Sammy Wilson's warning that the cost of transferring the taxation powers could be as much as £700m.

The first minister said it was important that the proposal should be affordable.

In the course of a discussion on parades, the SDLP's Alban Maginness put it to Mr Robinson that it was incumbent on all people, and in particular members of the executive, to support the rule of law.

He made particular reference to the Minister for Social Development, Nelson McCausland.

Mr Robinson reminded Mr Maginness that the SDLP had been born out of civil disobedience.

He said that when the party pointed their finger at Mr McCausland they should remember that "there are three fingers pointing back at themselves".

In regional development questions, Declan McAleer of Sinn Fein asked about the possibility of the provision of a halt or station at Ballykelly.

The question was prompted by a recent announcement that the Department of Agriculture's headquarters was to relocate there.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kelly said there was no funding available from his department for a halt at the Ballykelly site.


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