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Maze Prison site

The First Minister put his support firmly behind the building of a conflict transformation centre at the site of the Maze Prison, on 25 October 2011.

"Out of the prison site that in the past has been a manifestation of organisational and even societal failure, we want to achieve something new which demonstrates our desire to build a brighter, better and shared future for all", Peter Robinson said.

He refuted the claims by the UUP leader Tom Elliot in moving his motion of fears that there would be a "terrorist shrine" built at the site.

The first minister endorsed other parties' criticisms of the UUP saying that the motion criticised development at the Maze which was itself based on a 2005 report led by a UUP member.

UUP MLA and former victims commissioner Mike Nesbitt warned that some victims would be alienated by the choice of the Maze as the site for a conflict transformation centre.

Peter Robinson replied that "no single approach" would suit all victims, but that he would ensure that the function and remit of the centre would not be offensive.

He added that the EU money which may fund the centre would not be drawn from funds for community groups.

Supporting an SDLP amendment which called on OFMDFM to prioritise victims' needs in the development of conflict resolution centre, Sinn Fein's Francie Molloy refuted the idea that the proposed centre would be a "shrine".

"There was nothing for anyone to look back on with pride" at the site, he said.

The debate continued after Question Time.

You can see the concluding part of the debate here.


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