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Issues: Education

The UK's education systems have proved one of the most contentious areas of debate for politicians. Once the preserve of Westminster, responsibility for decisions about education, from nursery to university and beyond, has largely been passed to the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, leaving MPs to administer policy in England.



The BBC news website has an Education section.

You can look up the official data on the performance of primary and secondary schools in England.

Boy writing in book

BBC News runs School Report in which pupils are encouraged to try their hand at journalism. Schools Question Time gives young people a chance to make their own version of the BBC programme.

BBC Learning offers an array of material for students, teachers, parents and adults.

BBC Scotland has a separate education section called Scotland Learning. So too do BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland.

The Bitesize website is there to help you to revise for exams.

BBC Blast was the BBC's network of creative teenagers. It is no longer updated.

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