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The head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia Professor Phil Jones has defended his work, whilst giving evidence to the Commons Science and Technology Committee on 1 March 2010.

MPs on the committee were taking evidence following leaking of e-mails and data from the unit in 2009.

It was alleged that the leaks showed that climate research data was being "manipulated".

Professor Jones, who has stepped down from the unit pending an investigation, told MPs that the data was freely available, however he was criticised by MPs for not publishing full details of the methodology used to collate the data.

The former Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said that the case needed fully investigating, given the presence of phrases such as "hiding behind" in the leaked e-mails.

Labour MP Ian Stewart wondered whether the large number of Freedom of Information requests to the research unit constituted "harassment".

The hearing started by taking evidence from Lord Lawson and Dr Benny Peiser from the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a broadly sceptical think tank.

Lord Lawson said that any attempt to prevent the disclosure of data was "sinister", and that the current scrutiny of scientific research through so-called peer review processes was unacceptable.

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