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MP demands regulation of cosmetic surgeons

Legislation is needed to help prevent the "horrific consequences" of botched cosmetic surgery, Labour MP Ann Clwyd has said.

Introducing her Cosmetic Surgery (Minimum Standards) Bill to the Commons on 17 July 2012, she explained that the bill would establish minimum standards for the practice of cosmetic surgery, including non-surgical procedures.

Between 2002 and 2011, she said, the number of breast operations had risen by 324% and was continuing to rise.

"The medical profession has always been controlled and regulated by strict ethics, but the voluntary codes of practice have been breached by some operators to make quick easy money," Ms Clwyd told MPs.

A ban on cosmetic surgery advertising was also needed, she argued.

She said: "Too many people are suffering and being disfigured at the hands of cowboys who are being given a free rein to abuse the British public's trust in the voluntary system of medical ethics.

"Responsibility clearly lies with the government to take action as soon as possible to stop any more innocent people being subjected to butchery at the hands of some greedy, unscrupulous and incompetent people and to introduce the kind of regulation for cosmetic surgery that is long overdue."

Her bill was given an unopposed first reading but is unlikely to become law without government support.


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