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Cameron criticises 'comatose' St Paul's protesters


Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised the ongoing protest at London's St Paul's Cathedral, during his evidence session with the House of Commons Liaison Committee on 8 November 2011.

The committee is made up of the chairs of the Commons select committees, and used the session to focus on the question of "big society or broken society".

Committee chair Alan Beith asked whether the protesters were "a manifestation of the big society".

But Mr Cameron responded: "I have got this rather quaint view that you shouldn't be able to erect tents all over the place. I think protesting is something you, on the whole, should do on two feet rather than lying down - in some cases in a fairly comatose state."

He was also questioned over the unauthorised relaxation of border controls over the summer by the UK Border Agency.

Mr Cameron described the revelations as "not acceptable."

Other topics covered by the committee in the 90-minute session included the role of the voluntary sector, and reform of the civil service.

He told the chair of the Public Administration Committee Bernard Jenkin that "instead of civil servants actually running so many things, they need to become better at enabling other organisations to come forward and provide services, such as free schools and foundation hospitals".

A list of members of the committee can be found on Parliament's website.

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