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Education Committee: Jamie's Dream School

The Education Committee heard from teachers and students from "Jamie's Dream School" television series in a one-off evidence session on 21 June 2011.

The series - broadcast on Channel 4 earlier this year - followed the chef and broadcaster Jamie Oliver as he founded a temporary school for twenty young people.

The students - who either had no formal education or had experienced trouble at school - were taught by a group of experts from a range of fields in an attempt to re-engage the young people with learning.

The committee is investigating what lessons the pupils and teachers learned from the project, and the impact it has had on their lives since.

MPs heard from five of the "Dream School" students, and six of the teachers that took part.

• John D'Abbro , headteacher, New Rush Hall Group

• Jazzie B, entrepreneur and musician

• Mary Beard, Professor of Classics, University of Cambridge

• Alvin Hall, financial adviser, author and broadcaster

• David Starkey, historian and broadcaster

• Lord Winston, scientist and broadcaster

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