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Cameron: Libyan ammunition bunkers hit by airstrikes

British Tornado jets have flown "deep into the desert" to strike at ammunition bunkers in Libya, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

In a Commons statement on 28 March 2011 on last week's EU summit, Mr Cameron told MPs that the RAF had flown more than 120 sorties since military action began, praising the "extremely skilful and courageous" work of British pilots.

Mr Cameron, who will host an international conference on Libya tomorrow, said it was vital to have "political and diplomatic unity" to put pressure on Muammar Gaddafi.

The PM said: "The no-fly zone is now fully operational and effective. When it has been challenged, Gaddafi's planes have been shot down.

"He can no longer terrorise the Libyan people from the air."

But Conservative MP and chairman of the foreign affairs committee Richard Ottaway warned Mr Cameron over the bombing of ammunition bunkers.

He said critics regarded this as a "fairly broad interpretation of the UN resolution" providing the legal basis for the coalition's military action in Libya, suggesting that such actions could leave the political consensus on Libya "cluttered up with acrimony".

"Can I ask you to use tomorrow's summit to clarify the rules of engagement?" he asked.

Mr Cameron said he would "disagree with anyone who says that destroying a Gaddafi arms dump is not in the terms of the resolution".

"We can see very clearly what Gaddafi's regime is doing in Misratah, is doing in Zintan and other places - he's using munitions to kill people, to murder his own citizens.

"So therefore depriving him of weapons I think is absolutely not only in the letter of the resolution but in its spirit too," he told MPs.


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