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Libya: David Cameron urges Gaddafi to 'go now'

Prime Minister David Cameron has called on Libya's Colonel Gaddafi to "go now", telling MPs: "It is clear that this is an illegitimate regime that has lost the consent of its people."

In a Commons statement on 28 February 2011 following a tour to the Middle East, Mr Cameron said: "History is sweeping through this region."

The Middle East and North Africa are "now at the epicentre of momentous events", he said.

The UK "must not tolerate this regime using military force against its own people", he said, adding that the MoD is drawing up plans to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.

The diplomatic immunity of Col Gaddafi and his family has been withdrawn, the PM said, and their British-held assets have been frozen.

Mr Cameron told MPs there would be "further isolation of the regime by expelling it from international organisations" and further use of asset freezes and travel bans to encourage those "on the fringes of the regime, that now is the time to desert it".

Responding to the statement, Labour leader Ed Miliband agreed that "the only acceptable future is one without Colonel Gaddafi and his regime".

But he called on Mr Cameron to apologise for the government's "incompetence" over the evacuation of Britons from Libya last week.

The prime minister replied: "Perhaps if apologies are in order you should think about one - the appalling dodgy dealing with Libya under the last government."


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