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Ten Minute Rule Bill

Labour MP Anas Sarwar has proposed legislation aiming to force oil and mining companies to publish what they pay to the governments of developing countries where they operate.

Mr Sarwar, the MP for Glasgow Central, said firms engaged in oil or gas extraction should reveal the payments so that voters of host countries are better able to hold their governments to account.

More transparency would result in less corruption and more money going to schools, doctors, clean water and infrastructure, he told the Commons.

On 1 March 2011, Introducing his Resource Extraction (Transparency and Reporting) Bill, Mr Sarwar said: "Improving access to their own wealth could lead many developing countries out of poverty, away from the aid dependency and into self-sufficiency and sustainable growth - the ultimate development goal."

The bill, which had cross-party support, gained an unopposed first reading but is unlikely to become law without government backing.

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