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MPs pass Terrorist Asset-Freezing Bill

A move to make the UK's regime for freezing the assets of terrorist suspects more permanent is set to become law after new legislation cleared Parliament.

On 14 December 2010, Treasury minister Mark Hoban said the the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc Bill was "absolutely necessary" if the government wanted stop the financing of terrorism.

Labour supports the bill, which will introduce a new regime following the Supreme Court's decision earlier this year that earlier powers were defective.

Mr Hoban told the Commons: "We all recognise that this bill is absolutely necessary to the United Kingdom's continued national security.

"We have seen again with recent events in Sweden at the weekend, the threat posed by international terrorism.

"The government must have the right tools to combat terrorism in the UK and overseas and among those tools must be the options to act preventatively to be able to disrupt terrorist plots in their planning stages."

Shadow Treasury minister David Hanson said he welcomed the bill, adding: "Previous Treasury ministers have worked with officials to develop a regime which, in my view, is about protecting civil liberties.

"We do hear a lot about civil liberties in these debates. This bill is about protecting those liberties and protecting individuals' rights to live their lives without fear of terrorist attack."

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