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PMQs: Miliband urges Cameron to re-think tuition fee rise

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said that plans to raise university tuition fees in England are "in chaos", urging David Cameron to "go away, think again and come up with a better proposal".

At prime minister's questions on 8 December 2010, Mr Miliband dismissed the PM's claim that the proposed system would be "progressive", saying: "Only he could treble tuition fees and then claim it's a better deal for students."

Ahead of Thursday's vote on the government's tuition fee policy, the Labour leader told MPs that the prime minister "doesn't understand the lives of ordinary people".

But Mr Cameron accused the Labour leader of "rank hypocrisy", arguing that Mr Miliband had "absolutely no idea" how to fund England's universities.

He told him: "You are just demonstrating complete political opportunism, total opportunism.

"You are behaving like a student politician and frankly that's all you'll ever be."

Mr Miliband shot back with a reference to Mr Cameron's days in the Bullingdon Club at Oxford.

He said: "I was a student politician. But I was not hanging around with people who were throwing bread rolls and wrecking restaurants."


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