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Opposition day debate: Industry

Labour backbencher Jack Dromey, a former deputy general secretary of the Unite union, has praised the "wise and brave leadership" of the previous government with its policies such as the car scrappage scheme and strategic loans and investments in the car industry.

During an opposition day debate on government support for industry on 16 June 2010, he said: "Those strategic investments have built firm foundations in areas of growth... a good deal for Britain."

He lamented: "But now we have Chancellor George Osborne, he is the Private Fraser of Downing Street. 'We are doomed,' is his daily refrain."

Mr Dromey, husband of Labour's acting leader Harriet Harman, also hit out at what he said was "ill-informed prejudice" against the Advantage West Midlands regional development agency, which the government is set to abolish.

Winding up for Labour, shadow business minister Ian Lucas said the coalition agreement said "so little" about manufacturing and criticised £800mi in cuts from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

"What the department must do is fight its corner for British industry and for British jobs," he said.

But Science Minister David Willetts hit out at Labour's "comprehensive failure" to support manufacturing during 13 years in office.

Pledging to "re-balance" the economy, he told MPs: "There is a very simple difference between the two sides of this House.

"We believe in freedom and enterprise and initiative and competition, and the party opposite still believes in state control, higher public expenditure, more regulation, more RDAs, more interference in the wealth-creating sector of the British economy.

"That is not the way in which we are going to recover from the recession which this party (Labour) has left this country in."

The opposition motion expressing "serious concern that the government's decisions risk removing support for key for business and industry at a critical moment in the economic cycle" was defeated by 322 votes to 238, a government majority of 84.

MPs then backed the government's amendment in a separate vote (not included in this video).

You can watch the first part of the debate here.

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