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Afghanistan statement


The prime minister has announced that Britain's total military effort in Afghanistan will increase to over 10,000 troops.

In a Commons statement on 30 November 2009, Gordon Brown confirmed that all the conditions had been met to allow an extra 500 troops to be deployed in December.

The announcement came just a day before US President Barack Obama, after months of deliberation, is expected to announce that he will send up to 35,000 more US Forces.

Mr Brown told MPs that the "military surge" would be complemented by a "political surge" with more Afghan police, a police reform plan and more effective and accountable local administration in Afghanistan.

Opposition leader David Cameron paid tribute to the "extraordinary job" being done by British troops and re-iterated his party's support for the UK's presence in Afghanistan.

But he urged Mr Brown not to use the timetable for handing back Afghan provinces for political gain.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said when he first questioned the strategy in Afghanistan he was attacked by ministers for being "unpatriotic".

He asked whether there was a "plan B" of by-passing president Karzai if he failed to stamp out corruption.


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