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Prime minister's questions

The prime minister has agreed to investigate claims by Tory leader David Cameron that an "extremist" Islamic organisation had benefited from public funds.

At prime minister's questions on 25 November 2009, Mr Cameron asked why the government had failed to ban Hizb ut Tahrir and claimed that two schools had been established, with the help of public funding, by an organisation linked to it.

Criticising the government's record on Islamic extremism, he asked Mr Brown when he was going to "get a grip" on the issue.

Mr Brown promised to look into the claims "very carefully" and warned Mr Cameron that he may come to regret some of the remarks he had made at Commons question time.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg claimed that Whitehall departments had been given rights of veto over the publication of certain evidence relating to Sir John Chilcot's report at the end of the Iraq inquiry.

Mr Brown replied that Sir John Chilcot and his team were happy with how they had been asked to conduct the inquiry.

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