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1 December 2004: 'Mrs Windsor'

Welsh Assembly

In less than a week, the Queen went from a welcome guest to a point of contention in Cardiff Bay.

Following the royal opening of the Wales Millennium Centre, the Welsh Assembly turned its attention to the previous week's Queen's speech.

The speech outlined a UK governmental programme dominated by anti-terror and crime measures, including the introduction of ID cards and an anti-terror bill.

This led to a heated debate in the Assembly where the proposals met strong opposition from politicians who felt that the government was playing politics with terror.

One such critic was Leanne Wood who launched a vociferous attack against policies "from a Labour government you should all be ashamed of".

During the debate, she referred to the Queen as "Mrs Windsor"; a remark she was later asked to withdraw by the Presiding Officer, Lord Elis-Thomas, on the grounds of discourtesy.

The AM for South Wales Central was asked to leave after refusing to do so. She was joined by other Plaid Cymru AMs as she made history as the first AM to be expelled from the assembly.

Leanne Wood had long made her feelings towards the Queen known.

In May 2003, she abstained from the royal opening of the second Welsh Assembly and said: "I don't recognise the Queen."


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