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Debate on fisheries

On 21 November 2012 MEPs debated a series of reports on various aspects of EU fisheries policies.

Part of the debate focused on a new sustainable fisheries plan for stocks of salmon in the Baltic region, including targets to expand stocks and ensure that recreational fishing does not have a negative impact.

MEPs also debated a resolution on the "external" elements of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, such as the development of partnership agreements with non-EU countries.

MEPs want to ensure that future agreements have a human rights clause, and want the EU to have a key role in eradicating illegal, unregulated fisheries across the world.

The debate also included a proposal to adopt a new fisheries agreement between the EU and Greenland, which is a dependency of Denmark but opted out of EU membership.

Finally, the debate focused on a proposal to close a loophole in the EU's 2003 ban on shark-finning.

The loophole makes finning at sea hard to detect as it allows shark bodies and shark fins to be landed at different ports.

The Commission's proposal would oblige vessels to land any sharks with their fins "naturally attached".

The various reports and resolutions were voted on during the daily voting session on 22 November 2012.

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