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Tonio Borg Commissioner Hearing

Watch live coverage of the Health Commissioner-designate, Tonio Borg, holding his formal appointment hearing with MEPs from 2pm on 13 November 2012.

Mr Borg, currently the Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Malta, is the nomination of the Maltese government to replace John Dalli, who resigned from the European Commission after allegations of corruption.

The EU's anti-fraud office (Olaf) had established that a Maltese businessman had tried to use his contacts with Mr Dalli for financial gain.

Tobacco producer Swedish Match said it had been asked to pay €60m, and in return the commissioner would water down the new legislation.

Olaf said it had not found "conclusive evidence of the direct participation of Mr Dalli but did consider that he was aware of these events".

However Mr Dalli has denied his involvement, arguing that he is the victim of a tobacco lobbying campaign to block tough new legislation - the Tobacco Directive - to make smoking less attractive.

His proposed replacement is a lawyer by background and was first elected to the Maltese House of Representatives in 1992.

He has been Deputy Prime Minister since 2004, but will relinquish this position if he is confirmed in his new position in the European Commission.

Each EU country nominates a commissioner to serve the European Commission.


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