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Fisheries debate

MEPs have held a debate on aspects of EU fisheries policy.

The debate on 11 September 2012 focused on new pieces of fisheries legislation designed to increase sustainability and efficiency in the fisheries sector.

Under the proposals, the Commission could be given permission to impose sanctions on Iceland and the Faroe Islands for overfishing of mackerel, by restricting imports.

Scottish fishermen have been particularly vocal about calling for the Commission to take a tough line, as mackerel is the most valuable stock for the country's fleet, worth around £164m a year.

A separate piece of legislation could also lead to more information to consumers about fish, including better and more detailed labelling.

This could cover things such as the date and location of the catch.

The debate was a precursor of a formal debate on a complete overhaul of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy, designed to take place later this year.

Reform of the CFP is designed to end the practice of "discards", by which dead fish caught by accident under the quota system are thrown back into the sea.

The reports and draft legislation were adopted during the daily voting session on 12 September 2012.

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