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Voting session

The video for this item of business will appear here.

MEPs held their daily voting session on 24 May 2012, during which they voted:

• to adopt a resolution on the situation in Ukraine and the case of Yulia Tymoshenko

• to approve a resolution on the fight against homophobia in Europe

• to pass a report calling for a more efficient use of EU resources

• in favour of proposals calling for unspent EU funds to combat youth unemployment

• to adopt a resolution calling for tougher measures to close the gender pay gap.

• to approve a resolution criticising the Swiss government's decision to re-impose quotas on workers from some EU countries.

At the start of the session MEPs agreed to defer the vote on a report on macro-financial assistance for third countries, at the request of the report's author.

After the voting concluded, MEPs gave explanations for the way in which they voted.

We apologise but owing to technical difficulties out of our control parts of this video are missing.

Useful links:

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A disclaimer on the use of simultaneous interpretations, on the European Parliament's website.

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