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The Week in Parliament: 11 January 2013

It's 50 years since one of the most event-filled years in recent times.

Marking 1963 50 years on

In 1963 the Labour leader Hugh Gaitskill died suddenly - with Harold Wilson elected as his successor. The Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan resigned on health ground to be replaced by Sir Alec Douglas Home, as well as the Profumo affair, the assassination of JFK and the Beatles first album all happened that year.

Alicia McCarthy met three people well placed to reflect on events fifty years ago. The Conservative peer, Lord Carrington, was well into his government career starting the year as First Lord of the Admiralty under Macmillan and ending up in the cabinet as Leader of the Lords under Home.

Lord Donoughue was lecturing at the LSE in 1963 - very much a Gaitskell supporter he was later to become Harold Wilson's policy advisor and a minister. And Lord Hennessy - one of Britian's best known constitutional historians is very much the youngster - a grammar school onlooker as the dramas of 1963 unfolded.

The future of Sinn Fein

The changing relationship with Sinn Fein

Could Sinn Fein MPs be gearing up to take their seats in Westminster? With the abolition of individual members holding duel mandates to both Stormont and Westminster, speculation has arisen that the next step could be to see Sinn Fein members in the House of Commons.

The Week In Parliament's Duncan Smith spoke to the member for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy and to Northern Ireland political observer and Independent Crossbench peer Lord Bew to find out more.

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