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The Week in Parliament: 2 November 2012

In the House of Commons this week the subject of Europe reared its head.

Europe - alliances and divisions

With some Euro sceptic Conservative MPs uniting with Labour to defeat the government by 13 votes over the EU Budget.

The Prime Minister had proposed a budget freeze. The left-right combination is just the latest in a long-running saga of splits and unusual alliances in the great debate over Europe.

Duncan Smith has been taking a stroll through the political archives.

Bringing down the house?

The future of Parliament

There's a chance that MPs and peers might have to move out of the Palace of Westminster.

The ancient building is in need of such wholesale repair that the Commons authorities have been looking into how the place can be upgraded without causing disruption to the people who work there. This week they published a report.

One of the options is to give Parliament a temporary new home.

Alasdair Rendall spoke to Liberal Democrat MP John Thurso, of the House of Commons Commission, and he asked him just how urgent the situation is.

Making the best of things.

How to make use of peers

How do Lords make best use of themselves? That was the question debated on Thursday as peers had an opportunity to re-assess how to utilise their skills and expertise following the government's decision to drop plans for a House of Lords reform bill.

Duncan Smith met two peers, the Liberal Democrat Baroness Kramer, a former MP, and the fertility expert Labour's Lord Winston. He asked Baroness Kramer how the current system could make better use of expertise.

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