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The Record: Europe

25 February edition
Ed Lowther

The EU's flagship scheme on buying and selling carbon has been described by China and the US as "an invasion of sovereignty".

At the start of the year, the ETS scheme was widened to include aircraft as well as heavy industry.

It means that the rules will also cover airlines flying in and out of the EU - and that's where the problem lies.

In the US Congress, a bill is being prepared to challenge the EU's rules, even though a case at the European Court of Justice recently failed.

Meanwhile China is effectively banning its airline from complying, with European airlines growing worried by talk of trade wars and reprisals.

To discuss the future of the ETS scheme, the BBC's Shirin Wheeler was joined by three MEPs:

Jacqui Foster, British Conservative

Eva Lichtenberger, Austrian Social democrat

Peter Liese, German Christian democrat

Future fishing

Too many boats chasing too few fish is an argument commonly heard during discussions over the EU's Common Fisheries Policy.

It is not a policy that has earned the EU many brownie points over the years - fishermen don't like it and environmentalists say stocks have dwindled.

Meanwhile the policy of discards, where fish are thrown back into the sea because the catch is over quota, has been attacked by all sides.

Moves are now under way involving all EU institutions to try and reform the policy.

Shirin Wheeler is joined by UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen, Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies and Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson to discuss how the MEPs can play their part in this mammoth task.

The Record: Europe examines the key moments in the political week in Brussels and Strasbourg and focuses on the work of the European Parliament and European Commission.

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