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Leveson Inquiry day five part one


On 22 November 2011, the Leveson Inquiry at the Royal Courts of Justice heard evidence from:

• Mary-Ellen Field, a former employee of Australian model and actress Elle Macpherson who believes voicemails relating to her boss were intercepted in 2005

• Garry Flitcroft, a former footballer who took out an injunction in 2001 in a bid to prevent details of an extramarital affair appearing in the press

• Jim and Margaret Watson, campaigners on defamation law reform, whose daughter Diane was stabbed to death at her Glasgow school.

The inquiry is into the culture, practice and ethics of the press.

Prime Minister David Cameron set up the inquiry after the News of the World admitted intercepting voicemail messages of prominent people to find stories.

It has two parts, the first of which will examine relations between the press, politicians and police, and the conduct of each. It will consider the extent to which the current regulatory regime has failed, and whether there has been a failure to act upon any previous warnings about media misconduct.

The second part will look at the extent of unlawful or improper conduct within News International and other media organisations. It will also examine the way in which any relevant police force investigated allegations relating to News International, and whether the police received corrupt payments or were otherwise complicit in misconduct.

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