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工作英语: Meetings



  • Opening a meeting (开始会议)
  • Interruption(打断别人)
  • Express your feelings(表达感受)
  • How to end that meeting(结束会议)


    Sarah is having a meeting with her colleague Alex

    Sarah: Right then Alex, let's get down to business. On the agenda today for our public relations meeting are the research project, the launch of the website, the timeline for press releases, and the Executor of the Year award. Are you quite happy with those points?

    Alex: Yeah that's fine .. if you could go through them in order that'd be great.

    The beginning of another meeting

    Sean: Ok everybody thanks for coming. Let's keep this meeting fairly brief really just a couple of things on the agenda. First of all as you can see the news on the book re-launch and secondly the office move and finally we'll have a little bit of time for any other business.

    F Obviously I'd introduce myself and welcome everybody to the meeting.

    M I guess I'd say " hope everyone has got the agenda for today and if anybody can raise anything they've got at the end…

    F You start with the agenda that you're going to cover so an opening paragraph to summarise what the meeting is going to be about.

    M Here we are, let's get things started and move things forward which tends to be a good starting point with most meetings.

    Key words

    let's get down to business.

    On the agenda today

    Thanks for coming

    Let's keep this meeting fairly brief


    Sean: First of all the book re-launch. This is going to happen at the beginning of next month. It is important that we get this right and there has been quite a few…

    John: sh… Sean can I just ask you, Sorry to hold the meeting up, Can I ask you about those dates because I thought that this was going to be published the month after next and I understand that everybody has got their dates but I do feel quite strongly that we're bringing this out too soon.

    Sean: Well, any other thoughts before I comment on that?

    Carrie: I don't think we have got any choice at all about it, if the radio programmes are going out at the beginning of next month we've got to launch the book at the same time if we're going to have any sales impact.

    F1:… the next matter under discussion is the press release time line … I think the next press release to go out is the sound of silence in meetings. Can you give me an update on that?

    F2: Yeah we sent that out the end of last week, and selling it in today, it's embargoed until tomorrow, we've had a couple of enquiries from the radio…

    F1: sorry to interrupt but did you say it had gone out today?

    F2: Yes.

    F1: … right…

    F2: and ..we've had a couple of inquiries as I said . So hopefully that'll take off tomorrow.

    Key words

    Actually, could I just ask you...

    Sorry to hold the meeting up

    Sorry to interrupt but...

    Any other thoughts?

    Express your feelings(表达感受)

    Sean: The office move as you know , I just wanted to see what kind of feed back you have got

    Tim: Yeah Sean I'm sorry but I really strongly disagree with the new floor plan. I think it is divisive to separate the secretaries and the assistants out from the editors and Managers. I'd be much happier if we could be located in teams.

    Carrie: I think actually Sean is right, I have been chatting to some of the secretaries and they're quite keen to be all sitting in the same area and speaking as an editor I think I'd like to be with other editors so, I think Sean's floor plan is right.

    Key words and sentences

    I really strongly disagree

    I'm sorry but I don't agree

    I think Sean is right
    我认为Sean 是对的

    I quite agree

    speaking as an editor

    How to end that meeting(结束会议)

    Sean: OK Any other business?

    Bill: Yes, I would like to say something , an illustrator came in last week and, I think she is very good and, it would be wise to put her on our books.

    Sean. … uh…

    Bill: I would like to be able to show her drawings and portfolios in the next couple of days. If that's all right.

    All: .. that sounds good…

    Sean: ….yes , of course… seeing those. Right I think that 's probably about it but anybody got anything else that they desperately want to raise before we wrap up?

    All: Nope

    Sean OK , We'll be having another meeting but there are a couple of conflicts in the diary so I think the best thing is if I email the date of the next meeting.

    Key sentences

    Any other business.

    Right, I think that 's probably about it

    It's time to wrap up

    conflicts in the diary

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