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  British hostage murdered in Iraq
Updated 08 October 2004, 18.55
British hostage Ken Bigley is reported to have been killed
A British man taken hostage in Iraq has been killed by the people who took him, according to his family.

Kenneth Bigley, 62, was taken hostage by a group on 16 September with two American men who were killed by the kidnappers last month.

"We can confirm that the family has now received absolute proof that Ken Bigley was executed by his captors," his brother Philip said.

Tony Blair said he was "desperately sorry" for Mr Bigley's family.

He added that such actions "in Iraq or elsewhere should not prevail".

Home secretary Jack Straw called the killing a "barbaric murder".

Earlier on Friday an Arab TV station reported that Mr Bigley had been killed and said it had been given a video that showed him being killed.

They didn't show that video to anyone, but some journalists working in Iraq said they had seen it and said it appeared to show Mr Bigley being killed.

Mr Bigley was an engineer and was in Iraq to try and help improve the country after the war.

The group which took him doesn't like the Iraqi Government and do not want foreign people in the country.

When they took Mr Bigley they demanded that all women prisoners in Iraq were released, but the UK and US governments refuse to make agreements with hostage takers.

They worry that if they did a deal with one group then many more hostages would be taken.

Mr Straw added that four days ago the government was approached by a man in Iraq who said he could contact the kidnappers.

The home secretary said they had communicated with the group but said they still wanted all the female prisoners released.

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