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  Timeline of Russian school siege
Updated 03 September 2004, 14.23
The siege ended when Russian troops entered the school
A siege of a school in Russia where hostages were held by an armed gang for three days ended after Russian troops entered the school.

This timeline sets out the course of events from the start of the siege to its dramatic end.

Wednesday 1 September 2004

  • Armed attackers burst into the school

  • The hostages are forced into the gym

  • The attackers say they'll blow up the school if troops enter

  • Some children manage to escape

  • The hostage-takers make their demands

Thursday 2 September 2004

  • Russian authorities say they will not use force

  • Two loud explosions are heard and smoke is seen

  • The attackers release 26 women and children after talks

Friday 3 September

The following lists what happened in Russian time, four hours ahead of the UK:

  • 1300 Two loud explosions go off and gunfire starts

  • 1320 Children begin running out of the school

  • 1330 Troops are everywhere. Soldiers carry the injured out

  • 1340 An emergency hospital is used at the scene

  • 1355 Troops take control of the school, ending the siege

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