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  Spain arrests 5 men over bombings
Updated 13 March 2004, 19.56
Children light candles
Spanish officials have said they have made five arrests in connection with the Madrid train bombings.

The Interior Minister Angel Acebes said the men, three Moroccans and two Indians, were being questioned but it was too early to say any more.

Millions of people demonstrated on Spain's streets on Friday to show their anger about the terrorist blasts.

Several memorial services and funerals took place on Saturday for the 200 people who died in Thursday's attacks.

Mr Acebes said the arrests had something to do with a mobile phone that was found in a bag carrying a bomb that had not exploded.

Fact File
What happened
6.39am GMT: Four bombs explode on a train near the Atocha station, killing at least 59
At the same time, three bombs explode in Atocha station killing 30
6.41am GMT: Two explosions on a double-decker train kill at least 70
6.42am GMT: Bomb explodes on a train at Santa Eugenia station killing 17
Intelligence officials are still investigating all the clues they have to find out which group was behind the bombs.

Hundreds of people demonstrated noisily in Madrid earlier in the day. They claimed the government was trying to unfairly push the theory that the terrorist group Eta carried out the attacks.

Some of the clues have suggested al-Qaeda involvement, but others have pointed to Eta. It is thought the bombs were remotely controlled by mobile phone to explode.

Deep sadness

All day, thousands of family, friends and loved ones have been remembering those who died in the blasts.

Children and adults have laid flowers, teddies and cards with sad messages on them around the city of Madrid and other cities on the second day of the country's official mourning.

More than 1,500 people were hurt in the 10 bombs which ripped through trains along Spain's busy train lines on Thursday morning.

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