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  Operation Red Dawn: Saddam captured
Updated 14 December 2003, 14.00
A map shows where Saddam was hiding
Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq was captured on Saturday 13 December 2003 by US soldiers.

Around 600 of them were involved in Operation Red Dawn, and not one bullet was fired during the operation.

After the operation the US military said that their intelligence told them where to look for the former leader.

Tikrit, Iraq
That led them to a small village called Ad Dawr at around 8.30pm Iraqi time on Saturday, some 15km from the town in which Saddam Hussein was born, Tikrit.

The soldiers were there to search two locations, named Wolverine One and Wolverine Two, but did not find him in either of them.

The soldiers worked to make the whole area secure, and then started to search it very carefully.

Finally they found a suspicious looking building, and in that found a false wall, behind which Saddam Hussein was hiding.

Saddam Hussein after being captured and shaved
Saddam Hussein after being captured and shaved
He was found in a tiny hole in the ground just big enough for a person to lie down in, and had three guns and $750,000 with him.

There was an air vent and fan inside the hole, which suggests Saddam Hussein would have been able to stay there for long periods of time.

He was taken away by the soldiers without fighting back, and later US doctors examined him in front of the video cameras.

The doctors took a sample of his DNA and later were able to prove that he was Saddam Hussein, and not one of the many doubles he was known to use.

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opening quoteI'm very glad that they've caught him. No one should suffer like the Iraqis did. I don't think he should get the death penalty. He should suffer.closing quote
Zoe, 12, Cheshire
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