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  Saddam Hussein 'pretended to have weapons'
Updated 02 October 2003, 08.11
Saddam was pretending to have weapons
Saddam Hussein may have pretended to have weapons of mass destruction, according to a man sent to Iraq to find them.

David Kay, a top US intelligence expert, is in charge of a team 1,200 people in the country looking for weapons.

It's important that they find the weapons, or places they were built, because they were the main reason for going to war.

Both the US and UK governments told their people that getting rid of Saddam's weapons was the reason for going to war, and if there are no weapons, it's going to make lots of people very unhappy.

Tony Blair said Iraq's weapons had to be destroyed
Tony Blair said Iraq's weapons had to be destroyed
Kay is going to tell US politicians what his team have found so far on Thursday, and he's expected to say that so far no sign of the weapons have been found.

Saddam did want the weapons

He thinks that Saddam Hussein lied about the weapons hoping to stop the military action in Iraq that forced him from power.

But Kay will also say that the ex-Iraqi leader wanted to try and build weapons of mass destruction, and was trying to buy the things he needed to do so.

Saddam Hussein also did everything he could to make things difficult for the United Nations weapons inspectors sent to Iraq to search for weapons there.

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