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  Ali is looking forward to his new arms
Updated 11 August 2003, 13.17

Ali Abbas, who lost both his arms during the war in Iraq, has spoken about the treatment in the UK that will give him false arms.

At a press conference before starting his treatment, 14-year-old Ali said he was looking forward to getting his new arms as soon as possible.

Speaking through a translator he added he was very grateful for all the people who had shown interest in him.

Another boy from Iraq, 15-year-old Ahmed Mohammed - who lost a foot and a hand - is with Ali for similar treatment, and he also spoke.

He said he was very grateful to the British people, the medical team in Kuwait, and all the friends he left behind there.

Bomb killed Ali's parents

Like Ali he is very keen to have his new limbs fitted, and the translator said he wished peace, love and prosperity to the British people.

Ali became well known during the war when a bomb struck his family's home, killing many of his relatives including both his parents.

He was flown to Kuwait to be treated for burns, and has now flown to the UK to be fitted with false arms worth around 20,000.

There are many other children in Iraq who were injured in the war, and charities are calling for more to do be done for them.

They say that very few injured children get the kind of treatment that Ali and Ahmed are getting, and they need more to be done inside Iraq to help them get better.

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Ali coming to the UK for his false arms
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