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  US kids' thoughts on Hurricane Isabel
Updated 20 September 2003, 15.56
The hurricane brought down a number of trees
We asked kids living in the US what it was like being in and around Hurricane Isabel, and this is what they told us.

We just got the hurricane last night, and trees are ripped out from the ground. It's very bad, but we only had a two-hour delay from school, which really stinks. Anyway! We didn't have any power outages - luckily. And no flooding, just very, very strong gusts of wind.
Karla, 14, Allentown, Pennsylvania

The hurricane hit at about 3pm, which was when I got home from school. Then it was really windy and got dark really quickly. It was a bit freaky then but I got over it. A few trees across the street looked like they were going to fall over! It was a tough time getting to school this morning. Can you believe it? My school was practically the only one who HAD school!
Casey, 13, Williamstown, New Jersey

I just moved to North Carolina from Ireland a year ago. We got Hurricane Isabel yesterday, the winds were really bad and it just rained a lot. It has left such a mess in Raleigh but it was really cool to experience it. We lost our electricity for a few hours but thankfully got it back. I think Raleigh was well prepared for Hurricane Isabel.
Kristina, Raleigh, North Carolina

I was in my basement all morning with my granddad, my cousins, my aunty and uncle, and my mom and stepdad. It was terrible. We all hid under sheets. My cousins Jordana and Danielle where nearly in tears. Our computer is in our basement and everyone is watching me type this.The only good thing was school was out !!!!!!!
Jodie, 11, Washington DC

We were without power for 20 hours. Our refrigerator wasn't working, and it was a struggle to get dry ice to keep our food cold. We got a lot of rain, but the storm wasn┐t as bad as expected in our area. School has been closed and almost no businesses are open. I am glad the storm is over, although it has been an adventure!
Jana, 16, Baltimore, Maryland

My family and I have moved to my aunt's which is about 700 miles away to get away from this hurricane. My dad has decided to stay (at home) as he said he did not want to leave. My dad rang me up when I arrived at my aunt's and said that he is ok but unfortunately my pet dog managed to get out of the house and he has died after being blown up into the air. :'-(
Jenny, 15, East Coast

My town was kinda to the west of the eye, so we didn't get hit too hard. We missed school yesterday. We got some really hard winds, and a couple of little trees fell over, but this wasn't that bad a hurricane. Fran was worse, but I can't remember it very well, coz I was only seven when it hit. I'm just glad Isabel wasn't a hurricane five like it was originally supposed to be.
Katy, 15, Cary, North Carolina

Do you live in America and have had problems with the hurricane? Maybe you've escaped to avoid the high winds?

We'd like to hear from you.

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