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  OOTP copies popping up all over
Updated 19 June 2003, 16.59
OOTP hits the shops on 21 June
Copies of the new Harry Potter book seem to be popping up all over the place, despite huge security.

The publishers of Order of the Phoenix have taken great pains to stop any secrets leaking from the book.

Security's been astonishingly tight all over the world, with journalists not even allowed to touch the books they go to photograph!

Three so far

Fact File
The lowdown
A court order makes it illegal to publish anything from OOTP in the UK
US shops reportedly promised not to sell the book early
A vanload of 7,680 OOTPs was stolen in the UK

But despite all the secrecy, two people in the US and one in Canada claim to have copies already and are busy reading them.

In Montreal, Canada, 23-year-old Melissa told how she bought a copy by "pure luck" after spotting three in a Wal-Mart supermarket.

She bought one before the publisher quickly removed them.

US version of OOTP
In Daytona Beach, Florida, 14-year-old Kaitlin Webster was at her local Wal-Greens store when she came across the precious book.

"I thought it was just a box for display," Kaitlin said in her local paper.

"Then I thought it was a joke."

Her mum said there were only three or four on the shelf.

And a New York newspaper's being sued by JK Rowling after publishing snippets from a copy bought at a health food store.

Again, there were only about four copies and the store owner said he didn't know he wasn't meant to sell them till midnight on Friday.

Melissa and Kaitlin have refused to reveal any secrets in case they spoil it for other Potter fans.

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