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  Manchester v Madrid
Updated 18 June 2003, 18.08
The Beckhams are moving from Manchester to Madrid for David's football career.

But how do the two cities compare and what do the Beckhams have to look forward to?


  • Population
    3 million

  • Size
    607 square km

  • Weather
    Warm, sunny most of the time. Scorching summers but chilly winters (brrr!)

    Enrique Iglesias
    Enrique Iglesias

  • Famous for...
    Football!, Enrique Iglesias, Penelope Cruz, culture

  • Places to see
    Museums, art galleries, palaces, churches, squares, gardens, statues - loads of culture

  • Events
    Massive carnival in May when everyone goes party-mad, fiestas, bullfighting

  • Shopping
    Posh will be in her element - there're shopping malls, markets, corner shops, loads of designer goods

  • Food and drink
    Madrid's the capital of Spain so there're loads of restaurants and street cafes selling all sorts of food. Local dishes like hotpots, garlic soup (!), and lots of meat and fish too!

  • Sport
    Football!, Real Madrid, tennis, bullfighting, swimming.


  • Population

  • Size
    1,286 square km

  • Weather
    Quite chilly but it can be lovely in the summer

  • Famous for
    Football, David Beckham (of course), Oasis, Badly Drawn Boy, Robbie Williams.

  • Places to see
    Cool science museum, Manchester Museum, art galleries, live music venues, clubs, orchestras, parks

    Robbie Williams
    Robbie Williams

  • Events
    Loads of entertainment like Manchester Live! Music events and jazz festivals for the oldies, and the Manchester Show

  • Shopping
    It's the shopping capital of the north, with high street shops, designer boutiques, kids shops. Will Posh want to leave it all behind?

  • Food and drink
    Restaurants with food from 30 different countries, cafes. Plus typical British junk food like fish 'n chips, burgers and kebabs

  • Sport
    That little football club called Manchester United, oh and another one called Manchester City. There's also cricket, rugby, golf, karting and water sports.

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