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  Ali airlifted to special burns unit
Updated 16 April 2003, 07.15
Ali arrives in the Kuwaiti hospital
Ali arrives in special burns hospital

Ali Ismail Abbas, the Iraqi boy who lost both his arms in a bomb attack, has been airlifted to a special burns unit.

12-year-old Ali left the Baghdad hospital where he was being treated and is now in neighbouring country Kuwait.

Doctors say that Ali has been getting sicker every day and they warned he might die unless he had urgent medical treatment.

Ali Ismail Abbas has serious burns to his body
He's now at Kuwait's Ibn Sina hospital, which has a special clinic for treating burns.

Seven other Iraqi children are being treated there too.

More kids need urgent help

Ali was the only member of his family to survive when a bomb hit his home, but has very bad burns to his body.

He had to moved because the hospital he was staying at in Baghdad didn't have the best equipment.

Many hospitals can't cope with the number of war victims, and some don't even have clean water.

Help from Kuwait came after Ali's nurse wrote to Tony Blair and George Bush asking for urgent help.

Launch of Ali Fund in London. It's been set up to help children injured in the Iraq war
Launch of Ali Fund to raise money for sick Iraqi kids

Loads of money has been raised by charities and the media to enable Ali to get the best treatment in Kuwait.

But the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) says there are really bad conditions in many Iraqi hospitals and they need urgent help so more children can be properly cared for.

It says: "Ali's voice is one among millions of children's voices we're not hearing."

Hear story!Hear story!

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