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  Chaos as Iraqis loot their country
Updated 11 April 2003, 13.12
Disorder has broken out throughout Iraq
Disorder has broken out across Iraq as people loot from shops, banks and even hospitals.

As Saddam Hussein's government is no longer in control of most of the country, people have just been taking whatever they like, wherever they find it.

People looting in Iraq
People looting in Iraq

It's a massive problem, because there's no police force to ensure that people don't break the law.

In Baghdad things are so bad that shopkeepers have started to shoot at the looters and people have barricaded themselves in their homes.

Specialist hospital equipment has been stolen from more than two hospitals in the city.

Fight at a bank

The same problems are being found in the north of the country.

In Mosul, hundreds of people surged into a bank and fighting broke out as they desperately tried to snatch money from each other.

The United Nations is angry that the United States and Britain hasn't done enough to stop the looting.

People taking money at a bank in Mosul
People stealing from a bank in Mosul

So far the US military says it's been concentrating on fighting the war, but it's now making plans to try and get local people to help them in Baghdad.

They've set up a base there where Iraqis running the public services are being asked to help them plan how to police the city.

Other main points

  • Two children are killed and another nine civilians injured when American troops fire on their car at a checkpoint in Nasiriya.
  • US and Kurdish forces take Mosul as Iraqi troops surrender.
  • Guided bombs have been dropped on the home of the half-brother of Saddam Hussein, a former head of the secret police in Ramadi.
  • At least four US marines are injured in what's thought to be a suicide bomb attack on a military checkpoint in the area of Saddam City, a mainly Shia Muslim area in north Baghdad.
  • The leaders of Russia, France and Germany are due to meet later on Friday to discuss the post-war reconstruction of Iraq.

The BBC's Rageh Omaar reportsThe BBC's Rageh Omaar reports
Hear story!Hear story!

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