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  What will happen next in Baghdad?
Updated 10 April 2003, 14.58

When will the war end?
A US government spokesman says it will end "when the president announces it". The end of all the fighting could be a long time yet, because some small fights may keep happening, and some cities are still under Iraqi control.

What is going to happen in Iraq after the war?
The Iraqi people will need a lot of help and aid to rebuild their country. The United Nations, which works to keep peace in the world, will help provide food, water and medicine. But most people agree that in the long term the country must be run by the Iraqi people.

It's also likely that weapons inspectors will go back into the country to try and find the weapons of mass destruction they couldn't find before fighting start.

Loads of people have died but what have we actually achieved?
America and Britain said at the start of the war that they wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein and his government. The Iraqi leader has tortured and killed many of his enemies. The aim of this war is to end his leadership and it seems that is happening.

The US forces are hoping to catch Saddam Hussein and other members of his government and then make them stand trial in a court for their actions.

Is life going to be better for kids in Iraq when the war finishes?
In the past thousands of children there suffered because of the way Saddam Hussein ran his country. During this war some children were killed and injured while others had to leave their homes to escape the fighting. But when the war ends it's hoped Iraq will be a better country for children to live in.

How can we help the kids there?
Aid agencies are doing all they can to help children there and they do need more help. But it's so difficult to get things in and out of Iraq that they say it's not a good idea to pack up shoeboxes or packages to send there at the moment.

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