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  Kurds celebrate as important oil town 'falls'
Updated 10 April 2003, 17.46

After the dramatic scenes in Baghdad on Wednesday, events in the rest of Iraq have started moving quickly.

Kurdish forces have moved into the centre of Kirkuk, an important city which controls the oil fields of northern Iraq.

And just like in Baghdad, the people living in Kirkuk have pulled down a big statue of Saddam Hussein and attacked government buildings.

Although there are small groups of Iraqi soldiers still fighting back, most have apparently escaped the town.

The Kurdish forces are now pushing into another city, Mosul.

But not everyone is happy with the Kurds' success in Kirkuk.

Turkey - the country directly to the north of Iraq - says it is unacceptable that the Kurds are allowed to control the city.

They are worried that Kurdish people might try and build their own brand new country in the north of Iraq - something the Turkish government really doesn't want.

New day in Baghdad

In Baghdad, Iraqis have been waking up to a very different city a day after dramatic and historical scenes.

But the fighting's not over.

One marine has been killed in battles with what are thought to be groups of Republican Guards along the Tigris River.

An Iraqi man writes a sign in Arabic for a US soldier
An Iraqi man writes a sign in Arabic for a US soldier
The marines searched a mosque nearby after rumours Saddam Hussein was hiding there.

Saddam's home

Coalition forces also carried on bombing Republican Guards who are gathering in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, 145 kilometres (90 miles) north of Baghdad.

Some say if he's not in Baghdad, he could have escaped to Tikrit.

Meanwhile in Basra, UK forces are still trying to stop the looting which has been going on there since they entered the city.

And British officials say much-needed aid won't be handed out for a few days yet, until aid agencies think it's safe to be there.

Other main points:

  • It's reported Kurdish troops have entered the northern city of Khaneqin
  • US planes attack targets on the west bank of the Tigris in Baghdad, where non-Iraqi Arab fighters appear to be in control of several districts, according to one news agency
  • US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Syria has helped members of the Iraqi government escape
  • The Red Cross has stopped work in Baghdad after the death of a Canadian Red Cross worker.

Hear storyHear story
The BBC's Rageh Omaar reportsThe BBC's Rageh Omaar reports

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