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  Our man in the Gulf: the ship's laundry
Updated 06 April 2003, 12.28
The Ark Royal
BBC reporter and ex-Newsround presenter Matthew Price is reporting from the aircraft carrier Ark Royal in the Gulf.

Matthew Price
Our reporter, Matthew Price
And he's writing a web diary for CBBC Newsround.

In this instalment, he tells us about the people who do a lot of dirty work on board.

Diary entry 24:

There are eight men on board who help keep the ship going - and they aren't your normal ship's company.

Not engineers, or flight deck crew, or the captain and his men and women.

These are the men who work in the ship's laundry.

It's about a three-minute walk from my cabin to the laundry.

Neatly ironed

There are bags and bags and bags of dirty clothes there in the morning.

By the evening they return them to you, folded neatly and ironed.

Early on I learnt not to put in my civilian clothes. They shrink badly.

The laundry blasts all clothes with hot, hot water.

It's needed to get all the machine dirt off the navy clothes.


The laundry is run by a Chinese man who now lives in the UK.

The rest of the eight are a mixture of Chinese and Nepalese.

They're a friendly crowd.

Dirty quickly

Today the guy who runs it gave me one of the navy's laundry bags to put my dirty linen in.

"And take these for your colleagues", he added.

They'll be useful. Clothes get dirty quickly up on deck.

And I might as well make full use of having someone around to wash and iron my clothes while I'm here!

Matt on reporting on shipMatt on reporting on ship

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