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  Our man in the Gulf: New faces on board
Updated 04 April 2003, 09.48
The Ark Royal
BBC reporter and ex-Newsround presenter Matthew Price is reporting from the aircraft carrier Ark Royal in the Gulf.

Matthew Price
Our reporter, Matthew Price
And he's writing a web diary for CBBC Newsround.

In this instalment, he tells us about the arrival on board of a documentary film crew.

Diary entry 23:

It has been a beautiful day today. Bright, sunny and hot, with a nice breeze.

Yesterday in Iraq I met two guys working for the BBC. They're doing a documentary film.

Today they turned up on the ship unexpectedly.

It was a chance for their first proper shower for a month.

And their first proper meal too.

Food out of a bag

They've been eating army ration packs for the last few weeks, which means everything they have eaten has come out of a bag.

Coming to the ship was a complete break for them, and it was nice for us to see a couple of new faces too.

Otherwise not a lot happened today. I did aerobics again, but this time on the flight deck, as the sun set.

A plane takes off from an aircraft carrier
Afterwards I sat up on the ski ramp that the planes take off from, chatting to the captain.

With the fleet all around us the captain was in a happy mood.

"It's wonderful to see all this isn't it?" he asked.

Somehow he was right. A load of warships in the sea shouldn't be a beautiful sight.

But with the sun dipping below the horizon, and with a moment of peace in between helicopter flights, it was.

Matt on reporting on shipMatt on reporting on ship

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