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  Daily Iraq update: week one
Updated 31 March 2003, 16.49
President George Bush reveals war has started
As the war on Iraq continues, the CBBC Newsround website will keep you up-to-date with the key moments.

The most recent events are at the top of this page. All times are UK time.

Week one

Wednesday 26 March

8.12pm Three huge explosions rock the centre of Baghdad

6.40pm US officials admit coalition forces used precision guided weapons to attack an Iraqi missile base, which was less than 100 metres away from people's homes near Baghdad

6.20pm Iraqi armoured vehicles leaving Basra are come under heavy fire from coalition troops.

4.30pm More explosions are heard in the southern outskirts of Baghdad

3.50pm President Bush says US-led forces are "making good progress" but warns "this war is far from over".

1.15pm General Vincent Brooks says he does not have any information about Wednesday's explosions in Baghdad's shopping area, adding that he is not even certain that they were caused by the US-led forces.

1.10pm US military spokesman General Vincent Brooks tells a news briefing at the US Central Command headquarters in Qatar that coalition against Iraq is growing. The spokesman says 47 countries now back the US-led forces.

1pm The first shipments of humanitarian aid reach the southern Iraqi town of Safwan, after several lorries cross from Kuwait, escorted by US troops.

11.55am Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf denies reports the port of Umm Qasr is under the coalition's control.

11.27am A British Air Force spokesman in Kuwait - responding to the reports from Baghdad - says all loss of civilian life is regretted. The spokesman says Britain and the US take great care to minimise civilian casualties, and the incident will be investigated.

10.30am Iraqi officials say at least 14 people were killed and up to 30 injured when a busy shopping area in Baghdad was hit by two missiles. Staff with Reuters news agency say they have counted at least 15 bodies. Locals say 45 people have died, the BBC's Paul Wood in Baghdad reports.

9.55am The Iraqi satellite TV station is back on air. It had been off air since about 2am.

9.40am Several massive explosions rock Baghdad.

8.05am The Commander-in-Chief of the Turkish army, General Hilmi Ozkok, says Ankara says he can send more troops into northern Iraq if he feels its security is threatened - but only after consultations with the US.

8am Baghdad comes under renewed bombardment in fresh air raids.

7.19am UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon tells the BBC no direct attempt has been made to take Iraqi television off the air. He says the aim of overnight attacks had been to target Iraq's command and control facilities in Baghdad.

6.46am US Marines run into stiff Iraqi resistance, halting their advance north from the city of Nasiriya towards Baghdad, according to a reporter.

6am Iraqi state television appears to be on air despite the bombing of station by US-led forces hours earlier. Iraq's international satellite channel remains off air.

4.50am Al-Jazeera television channel reports several large explosions rock the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, shortly after air sirens sounded in the city.

4.27am Pentagon confirms that Iraqi state television is off the air after station was hit by precision-guided bomb and cruise missile. Denies reports that new, so-called "e-bomb" was used.

3.42am US Central Command in Qatar says coalition cruise missiles and bombs struck Iraq's main television station in addition to key telecommunications targets, damaging the regime's "command and control capability".

2am A number of large explosions are heard in Baghdad shortly before dawn.

12.10am US Secretary of State Colin Powell says it is a matter of utmost concern to the US to get aid flowing through the southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr.

12.05am UN Secretary General Kofi Annan warns that the US and its allies will have to provide humanitarian aid to the Iraqi people until security conditions improve in the country.

Tuesday 25 March

9.03pm Iraqi state TV broadcasts goes off air for 15 minutes, before coming with weaker signal. It means back-up systems are being used, journalists in Baghdad say.

9.00pm Two UK soldiers killed in friendly fire incident near Basra. Two more said to be seriously hurt.

8.20pm New bombing of Baghdad is reported by journalists there.

7.46pm Reports saying there is an uprising of Iraqi civilians in Basra against Iraqi soldiers are confirmed. It's thought it's a rebellion by the Shia population of Basra, who are against Saddam Hussein.

7.44pm Emergency meeting of United Nations Security Council announced to discuss the war in Iraq - to be held on Wednesday.

7.30pm Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed Sahaf says there is no uprising against authorities in Basra.

6.34pm US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the military campaign could get more dangerous.

5.18pm Reports say that Iraqi people living inside Basra have started to fight against soldiers loyal to Saddam Hussein

3.08pm Government minister Clare Short says that the UK are sending 30m worth of aid to Iraq

2.33pm General Renuart says "terrorist-like" cells are responsible for the resistance in Basra.

2.14pm Major-General Victor Renuart of US Central Command says US forces are "on track" despite the bad weather.

1.52pm Kuwait announces that an Iraqi missile has been shot down in its airspace.

1.51pm The US Fifth Fleet in the Gulf raises its alert level amid fears of suicide attacks from Iraqis using speedboats.

1.39pm A light but steady stream of Iraqi defectors continues to arrive in the Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Iraq, reports the BBC's John Simpson from the region.

1.20pm About 500 Iraqis have been killed in the last two days by US forces in the south of Iraq, according to Command Sergeant-Major Kenneth Preston, who oversees the US 3rd Infantry Division.

1.20pm US General Myers says sandstorms will delay advance to Baghdad.

12.55pm Bombing continues during afternoon on southern outskirts of Baghdad, as blinding sandstorm whips across the city, the BBC's Paul Wood reports.

12.40pm US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Force General Richard Myers tells American television that he believes the toughest fighting in the war with Iraq is still ahead.

12.35am Iraqi television broadcasts a message, allegedly from Saddam Hussein, to tribal chiefs urging them to "escalate and enhance" their fighting against the "aggressors".

12.15am UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says "huge amount" achieved in Iraq but the campaign will take time and perseverance amid Iraqi resistance. He pledges that "this time" the West will not let the Iraqi people down.

11.25am Bodies of at least 30 Iraqis seen along the road from key town of Nasiriya.

10.55am US and British attacks have killed 16 Iraqis and wounded 95 over the past 24 hours, Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf says.

10.50am The Information Minister says Iraqi forces killed what he called "scores of invaders" in marshes near Nasiriya but he gives no precise numbers; such figures have not been confirmed by US or British sources.

10.50am Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed Sahaf denies that Russia has given Iraq military equipment.

10.10am Brigadier Jim Dutton of the British Royal Marines says the southern port of Umm Qasr is now "safe and open"; hopes the first aid ship will arrive in 48 hours.

10am Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan criticises Arab countries which supply the United States and Britain with oil.

8.45am Iraqi officials say they have delivered food and medicine supplies for six months across the country, but accuse the US and UK of preventing supplies paid for under the oil-for-food programme from reaching Iraq.

8.25 am A convoy of US Marines crosses the Euphrates river at Nasiriya to advance north, after meeting stiff Iraqi resistance.

7.40am A British soldier from the 1st Battalion The Black Watch has been killed in action in an operation near Al Zubayr in southern Iraq, UK military officials say.

7.30am South Korean parliament postpones until next month a vote on sending non-combat troops to Iraq.

6.35am British military commanders say status of Basra has changed and the city is now a military objective in order to get humanitarian aid through.

6.20am Substantial numbers of US forces are now passing through Nasiriya, the BBC's Andrew North reports, although the area is still not totally secure.

5.50am The first British soldier killed in action in Iraq is named by the Ministry of Defence as Sergeant Steven Mark Roberts of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment.

5.25am A sandstorm blows in over US troops advancing on Baghdad, reducing visibility and hampering operations.

5.05am Reuters correspondent in Baghdad reports distant explosions to the south of the city, as coalition forces move towards the capital.

4.55am British Royal Marines move into positions along the Iraqi border with Iran.

3.32am American TV networks claim intelligence sources tell them that troops around Baghdad could be authorised to use chemical weapons if other means of defence appear to be failing, reports the BBC's Justin Webb in Washington.

2.30am American Secretary of State Colin Powell describes the progress of US-led forces in Iraq as rather remarkable and says the US campaign will be successfully finished in the not-too-distant future.

12.31am British support for the war in Iraq increases to 54% of the population, according to an ICM survey for The Guardian newspaper carried out in the days since hostilities started. Thirty percent of those polled were opposed to the war.

12.05am President George W Bush is expected to ask Congress for almost $75bn (47bn) to pay for the war in Iraq, and will formally propose a supplementary budget in a speech later on Tuesday.

Monday 24 March

9.35pm US B52 bombers take off from RAF Fairford in western England.

9.20pm BBC journalist in Baghdad reports explosions to the south of the city.

9.10pm Iraqi TV shows film of two men it says were the crew of a US Apache helicopter forced down by Iraqi ground fire. The men look unhurt and don't say anything.

7.00pm UK Government orders the Jordanian Embassy to ask two Iraqi diplomats to leave the country.

6.30pm New explosions reported south-east of Baghdad.

6.10pm Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz says the Iraqi leadership is "in good shape" and President Saddam Hussein is "in full control of the army and the country".

4.30pmThe British Army confirms that the first UK soldier was killed by enemy fire early on Monday morning.

3.58pm Buses of volunteers are reported heading from Syria to Baghdad to join Saddam Hussein's forces.

3.33pm UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says the coalition wants "to reach Baghdad as swiftly as possible thus bringing the end of the regime closer".

2.50pm US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld indicates the US may target Iraqi television and radio stations.

2.25pm About 3,000 Iraqis have been taken prisoners so far, says General Tommy Franks.

2.20pm US says only one Apache helicopter has been downed, the rest - between 30 and 40 that took part in the action - have returned.

2.04pm The Commander of US forces General Tommy Franks tells a news conference that coalition progress in attaining its objectives had been "rapid", at times "dramatic".

1.15pm Coalition forces launch fresh offensive in Nasiriya.

11.15 am UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon says the latest Iraqi television broadcast of Saddam Hussein was not live.

9.55am US defence official confirms an Apache helicopter has come down in Iraq.

9am Iraqi television broadcasts pictures of a what it says is a US helicopter shot down in Karbala, south of Baghdad.

8.25am The official Syrian news agency says five Syrian civilians were killed by an American missile near the Iraqi border.

8.05 Saddam Hussein promises "victory is near" in a speech broadcast on Iraqi television.

6.58am Iraqi television says Saddam Hussein will make an "important and historic" speech to the nation soon.

5.45am Explosions are heard amid reports of the bombardment of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

4.15am Philippines President Gloria Arroyo announces expulsion of one Iraqi diplomat and one member of staff at the embassy.

2.50am UK Ministry of Defence says two British troops are missing in southern Iraq after their vehicles came under attack.

2.20am Australian defence officials say special forces have destroyed a missile command bunker deep in Iraqi territory.

2.05am A US TV reporter says US helicopters are attacking Iraqi Republican Guard positions near the city of Karbala south of Baghdad.

1.20am US military say they are investigating "sites of potential interest"

following reports of US troops reaching a chemical plant south of Baghdad.

12.05am Huge explosions reported in central Baghdad.

Sunday, 23 March

11.55pm American B52 bombers take off from Fairford air base in western England.

10.30pm Kuwaiti Defence Ministry reports Iraqi missile intercepted by Patriot missile over northern Kuwait.

9.20pm The British Royal Air Force says two crew of the Tornado aircraft accidentally shot down by a US Patriot missile on Sunday morning are dead.

7.10pm More heavy explosions are heard in Baghdad

7pm UK Prime Minister Tony Blair condemns Iraqis for showing the US prisoners of war, saying it goes against human rights rules

6.05pm US President George W. Bush says "Saddam Hussein is losing control of his country". He says anyone who mistreats US prisoners of war will be treated as "war criminals".

6pm The Iraqi defence boss says they will not harm the captured US soldiers.

5pm Missing British TV reporter Terry Lloyd is believed to be dead after apparently coming under friendly fire in southern Iraq, his employers ITN say.

4.55pm US Marines say they have six dead and at least 14 wounded in Nasiriya. Earlier, there were reports that 50 Marines had been injured.

3.30pm Iraqi television shows interviews with what is says are five US soldiers captured in Nasiriya.

2.30pm US Marines four of their troops are dead and 50 wounded in more than eight hours of fighting in and around the city of Nasiriya.

2.05pm US defence bosses say "some" US troops are missing in Iraq and could be prisoners of war.

12.43pm Reports of large explosions in west Baghdad.

12.00 UK Foreign Office officials say the British plane shot down by US Patriot missile was a Tornado fighter-bomber.

11.17am Air raid sirens are heard in Baghdad.

11am The US denies Iraq's claims that it has taken coalition prisoners of war and shot down aircraft.

10.35am Iraqi vice-president, Taha Yassin Ramadan, said their forces has captured 35 US troops, who would be shown on television within hours.

9.13am US officials deny Iraq's claim of having shot down American aircraft. "We have no reports of missing aircraft or pilots," a U.S. official said.

9.05am Iraqi officials say their forces have shot down five planes and two helicopters belonging to US forces

7.45am UK officials say the missing British RAF aircraft may have been hit by an American Patriot missile.

6.15am A British RAF aircraft is missing after going out on a mission

5.30am Fighting is reported in the southern port town of Umm Qasr, as US troops try to wipe out pockets of Iraqi resistance.

2.30pm Dawn air raids reported on Baghdad.

2.20am The US military says a US soldier has been taken into custody over a grenade attack on the 101st Airborne Division in northern Kuwait.

1am Four heavy bombs are dropped by US planes in parts of northern Iraq which are controlled by an extremist Islamist group, Ansar al Islam, which has suspected links to al-Qaeda.

Saturday 22 March

11.20pm Ten US soldiers are wounded in a grenade attack at a US rear base camp in northern Kuwait.

10pm Iraqi TV reports fighting with US troops near the town of Najaf, south of Baghdad. The TV said the local leader of the ruling Ba'ath Party was killed in the fighting.

7pm US Marines leave Basra in their tanks and head north towards Baghdad.

5.35pm Iraq appeals to the United Nations to condemn the US-led invasion. Iraq says the invasion is a threat to world's peace.

4.20pm Fresh explosions rock Baghdad and anti-aircraft fire is heard.

3.20pm US troops gain control of most of the town of Nasiriya, although they meet some resistance.

3pm President Bush says the US will accept "no outcome except victory", but he admits the war "could be longer and more difficult than some have predicted".

2.30pm Three journalists from ITN are reported missing in southern Iraq after coming under fire on their way to Basra.

12.55pm US and UK forces say they are confident they have taken control of Iraq's second biggest city, Basra. It's reported that hundreds of soldiers have surrendered.

12.20pm A US military spokesman says troops have gained control of Nasiriya - a town in southern Iraq.

10.30am UK officials says an entire Iraqi division, believed to contain around 8,000 soldiers, has surrendered in the south.

10.20am Three more explosions are reported in the Iraqi capital.

8.40am A US Marines officer says a "major battle" is taking place on the western outskirts of southern Iraqi city of Basra.

8am Iraq denies that thousands of its troops have surrendered to US forces

6.40am Iraqi officials say 200 members of the public were killed in the heavy bombing

5.55am Seven UK crew members are reported missing after two Royal Navy helicopters collided in the Gulf. UK officials say it wasn't caused by enemy fire.

3.20am About 70 missiles are reported to have hit Kurdish areas in Iraq, where there's a group of people said to be linked to al-Qaeda

2.35am Massive air attacks start again on Baghdad. Lots of explosions are reported.

Friday 21 March

8.20pm Air raid sirens sound in Kuwait for the third time in the day.

7.30pm Turkey gives permission for US forces to use its air space, Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul says.

7.30pm After a short lull, a second wave of bombs begin to hit Baghdad.

7pm Presidential palace in Baghdad destroyed, with black smoke pouring out of windows.

6.15pm US-led forces now 160 kilometres inside Iraq, says General Richard Myers, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff.

6.15pm Heavy bombardment of Baghdad - "I've lost count of the number of explosions rocking the city," says BBC's Paul Wood.

5.45pm Air strikes against northern city of Mosul.

5.05pm US begins a 'major escalation' of its aerial campaign in Iraq, officials tell the BBC.

5pm Anti-aircraft guns open fire in Baghdad.

4.45 US network CNN says its journalists have been ordered to leave Baghdad.

4.30pm UK Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Michael Boyce says coalition troops are advancing on the city of Basra, having captured port of Umm Qasr.

4.10pm French President Jacques Chirac says France would not accept a US-British post-war administration of Iraq. President George W Bush says the war on Iraq is "making progress".

3.30pm US defence officials say they have seized two strategically important airfields in western Iraq.

3pm US forces reach key town of Nasariya on Euphrates river, where they encounter Iraqi resistance.

2.55pm US-led forces intercept two Iraqi barges packed with anti-ship mines as they attempted to leave port in Iraq.

2.40pm At least two now known to have been killed, including a young boy, as anti-war protesters and police clash in Yemeni capital, Sanaa, security sources say.

12.15pm Iraq claims to have shot down a US or UK fighter aircraft at 0255GMT Friday which then crashed inside Kuwait - the Pentagon later denies this .

11.45 Officials in Washington confirm that a US Marine has been killed in Iraq - the first reported combat death.

11.15am Iraqi president offers cash rewards to anyone capturing an enemy soldier or downing an enemy aircraft, the state news agency reports.

11.00am Iraqi port of Umm Qasr expected to come under US-UK control "shortly" - UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon.

10.45am An Iraqi opposition leader says opposition fighters have engaged troops loyal to president on outskirts of northern city of Kirkuk.

10.30am Kuwaiti Defence Ministry says incoming Iraqi missile shot down over north of country.

10.13am An Iraqi military spokesman claims Saddam Hussein is safe and denies any soldiers have surrendered to US-led forces.

10.05am Giant B52 bombers take off from a UK airbase.

7.55am UK troops gain control of the southern Faw peninsula in Iraq, but meet lots of resistance at key oil shipping base Umm Qasr.

6.30am US troops go forward at least 150km inside Iraq, a report says.

5.30am Iraqi soldiers are seen surrendering to UK Royal Marines in southern Iraq

5.20am A BBC reporter in Kuwait says troops are being fired at as they enter southern Iraq.

1.05am Massive explosions are reported all over Iraq

12.37am A CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crashes in Kuwait, killing eight British and four American troops. It's believed to be an accident.

Thursday 20 March

10pm UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, in a televised address, confirms British troops are in action. Their mission, he says, is to remove Saddam Hussein and disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction.

8.30pm Iraqi television says four soldiers have died in the latest fighting. There are reports an Iraqi border town is captured.

8pm Former office of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz in Baghdad ripped apart.

7pm British forces enter the conflict for the first time.

6pm Central Baghdad comes under bombardment.

5pm Artillery attacks in southern Iraq appear to signal the start of a lengthy ground assault.

4.30pm Reports say a number of oil wells may have been set on fire in southern Iraq.

4.15pm US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the military action that was coming to Iraq would be of a "scope and scale beyond whatever has seen before."

4pm The Red Cross confirms that one person died and 14 were injured in overnight attacks on Baghdad. The Turkish parliament approves overflight rights for US planes involved in Iraq war.

3.30pm Downing Street confirms that UK Prime Minister Tony Blair will make a televised address to the nation in the evening. Eyewitnesses report considerable bombardment of southern Iraq by US forces.

3pm Airstrikes launched on outskirts of Baghdad. A reported missile attack on Kuwait sparked fears of a chemical attack but it appeared to be unfounded.

1pm The Pentagon says a US special forces helicopter crash-landed in southern Iraq before the attacks began. Its crew and troops on board were rescued.

10am Iraqi Information Minister says at least one civilian was killed in US attack on Baghdad.

9am Tony Blair and important government ministers meet in Downing Street to talk about the war. US defence official in Kuwait says US air raids on Iraq will continue for two or three days as part of a "pre-battle plan".

6am Iraqi television shows what it claims is a live speech by Saddam Hussein, who promises his people that Iraq will win the "holy war". It's not clear if the speech is really live or pre-recorded.

4am US President George Bush announces that US forces have begun attacking military targets in Iraq. The first attacks are limited, but bigger attacks are promised.

3am A White House spokesman announces war has begun, shortly after explosions are heard over Baghdad.

1am The US deadline for Saddam Hussein to stand down as Iraqi leader arrives.

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