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  What it's like to be an Iraqi living in the UK
Updated 25 March 2003, 16.45

Kanar spoke to Newsround about what it's like as an Iraqi living in the UK.

She lives in London, and although she's never lived in Iraq some of her family live there.

She is against the war but is not a supporter of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein either.

"I'm Iraqi, and since the war began my life has changed.

"Nowadays, rather than switching on the TV to watch music channels I turn on the TV to see what's happening to my family in Iraq.

Kanar says her education has suffered because of her worries
Kanar says her education has suffered because of her worries
"My grandad and Aunt live in Northern Iraq - I get very worred about them now the war has started.

"If they get killed, if they get bombed, anything could happen now the war has started, there could be a raid on their city.

"It is very scary. I don't know what's happening to them because I don't talk to them.

"I don't concentrate on school as much because I'm concentrating on petitions, assemblies, and things like that. It has changed my life.

"It's very hard to picture Iraq from what you see on TV because a lot of what you see is desert, trenches and war.

My country is being bombed

"Iraq is actually a really beautiful country with a lot of nature, history and beautiful cities

"It's Iraq, it's my country. I feel terrible that it is getting bombed and there are people that are going to get hurt, that are going to die.

"When a bomb drops you think: 'is it a family, is it a mother, a father, a child?'"

Kanar, 14, London

Watch Kanar's reportWatch Kanar's report

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