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  Our man in the Gulf: Reporting from a ship
Updated 23 March 2003, 19.28
The Ark Royal
BBC reporter and ex-Newsround presenter Matthew Price is reporting from the aircraft carrier Ark Royal in the Gulf.

Matthew Price
Our reporter, Matthew Price
And he's writing a web diary for CBBC Newsround.

He describes what it's like inside the command room and having to be careful about what he reports.

Diary entry 10:

I didn't sleep last night at all.

In fact I didn't go to sleep for 37 hours. Instead, after watching the marines I hit the editing machine, my cameraman Colin putting together a piece for me.

It wasn't until 7 that we were allowed to tell anyone about what we had seen.

Then they changed their minds as I was about to file. It would be 10.

That was when we could release the information. It's all being tightly controlled by the Americans.


They don't want information coming out until they say. It is frustrating and really limits me in my job, but there's little I can do about it.

The day was spent filing stories, updating the marine's progress as they took control of the little bit of Iraq they've been tasked with taking.

The plan I'd been secretly told last week, was happening.

I had great access. The colonel in charge of the marines, Steve Cox, was happy to tell me the latest whenever I wanted.

I'd wander up to 4 deck, into the captain's corridor, and knock on the door into the command room.

Like a movie

Inside, it's like a movie set. Telephone cables hanging down, computers processing the latest radar images from aircraft, maps all around the walls.

So we watched the marines spread out across the Al Faw peninsular, and I reported on it, until I could stay awake no more.

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