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  Living in Kuwait is very frightening
Updated 21 March 2003, 17.20
Wadha, 14, lives in Kuwait
Since the war against Iraq started on Thursday, many children in Kuwait are having to cope with the threat of being bombed by Iraq.

Kuwait is under threat because it borders Iraq, and is against Saddam Hussein.

Newsround spoke to Wadha, 14, who lives in Kuwait.

Here she describes what it was like living through the air raids on the day that war broke out, and what she's most scared about

"The sirens went off at noon and we had to go to the nearest shelter. They were missiles from Iraq.

It was terrifying, I was nearly on the verge of tears.

We've been taught that if you have a house you need to go to the basement, put off all your lights, stay away from all the doors and windows and put the gas mask on.

Gas attack fears

What I'm scared about most? About the gas, and that I might not see my friends and family.

Air raid shelter in Kuwait
Air raid shelter in Kuwait
Now all my family are all gathered in one place.

I have a little sister and she was crying yesterday the whole time - she's really afraid that she's going to die."

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