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  Daily Iraq update: week two
Updated 03 April 2003, 07.01
As the war on Iraq continues, the CBBC Newsround website will keep you up-to-date with the key moments.

The most recent events are at the top of this page. All times are UK time.

Week two

Thursday 3 April

4.30am A US F/A-18 Hornet warplane crashes over southern Iraq, reportedly having been shot down by a missile. It's not yet known what happened to the pilot

2.05am Seven US soldiers are killed when a US Black Hawk helicopter is shot down by small arms fire near Karbala, reports say. Four others on board are injured

12.30am A large explosion is reported in central Baghdad

Wednesday 2 April

7.45pm Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow does not want to see the United States fail in Iraq. His comment look like an effort at to make it up with Washington after the US accused Moscow of helping the Iraqi military, a BBC journalists in Russia says. Moscow denies helping Iraq

7.19pm US marines have set up camp across most of the southern city of Nasiriya, says a BBC journalist. Local people have welcomed them but are still afraid of Saddam Hussein and don't like what war's done to the city.

7.00pm Iraqi satellite TV shows Saddam Hussein having a meeting, looking relaxed and smiling. There is no sound and it is not clear when the pictures were recorded.

5.06pm The US military says some of its units are now less than 32 kilometres (20 miles) from Baghdad, says a BBC journalist.

4.00pm The chief operations officer for the US marines in Nasiriya, says civilian casualties in the city were because Iraqi forces ignored the rules of war.

2.00pm US forces report B-52 bombers have used a new version of a cluster bomb against Iraqi tanks; it copes with the weather to hit targets more accurately.

1.30pm US military says it is looking into a claim that coalition aircraft have bombed a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad

12.55pm UK forces say they have found what they believe is a torture centre run by Saddam Hussein's secret police in the southern town of Abu al-Khasib

12.30pm Doctors at the Saddam Hospital in central Nasiriya say there has been more than 250 deaths since the fighting in the city began

12.26pm US military says US forces have destroyed the Baghdad division of Iraqi Republican Guard and that other divisions are in trouble and under serious attack

12pm Turkey and the US say they have agreed on measures to improve their co-operation in Iraq, including some support for US troops and help with aid

11.48am Iraq's information minister denies that US troops have crossed the Tigris river on their way to Baghdad

10.50am One of President Saddam Hussein's palaces in central Baghdad is hit by missile or bomb, reports say.

10.35am There are reports that Iraqi satellite TV has gone off air and is not transmitting on any of its three satellite frequencies

9.55am Amnesty International urges US-led forces in Iraq to take greater care to stop civilian casualties. It also criticises Iraq for using soldiers disguised as members of the public

8.25am US Secretary of State Colin Powell meets Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul to try to win more help from Turkey for the US military campaign in Iraq

7am US marines say they have seized a key bridge across the River Tigris in the city of Kut, so they can take control of one of the main roads on the way to Baghdad

6.30am A building in Basra comes under heavy fire from UK forces, who say they were fired upon overnight. Hundreds of civilians are seen leaving the city

5.50am US forces who rescued Private Lynch also found the bodies of two US soldiers and eight Iraqi troops, the US military says. It's not clear if they died in the operation or were already dead

5.45am US forces continue with attacks on the Iraqi Republican Guard positions around Karbala, and the US troops are able to move forward

1am The Pentagon confirms that a soldier rescued earlier is Private Jessica Lynch, who was captured on 23 March

12.37am US military sources say US ground forces have begun a major attack on parts of the Iraqi Republican Guard near Baghdad

12.25am US military bosses say they have rescued a US army prisoner of war

12.10am US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the bombing campaigns in Iraq are the most precise "in recent memory" and that Saddam Hussein is a greater threat to the Iraqi people than the US campaign is

Tuesday 1 April

7.25pm A top US military leader, General Richard Myers, defends the war plan, and added that it is was working well. He also expressed regret to the families of the Iraqi civilians killed at a US checkpoint on Monday

5.05pm A message from Saddam Hussein is read out by another Iraqi politician on television, calling on all Iraqis to fight against the coalition

3.25pm Western news reports say that at least 11 members of the same Iraqi family - most of them children - have been killed by a coalition raid

1.45pm UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says the explosion in an Iraqi market last week that killed many civilians is more likely to have been a result of Iraqi missile than a coalition one

12.19pm The coalition captures a key Iraqi army general

11am The Iraqi information minister says a US warplane bombed two buses full of volunteers acting as a human shield

9.30am Thousands of people in Egypt take part in a protest in support of the Iraqi people and against the coalition invasion of Iraq

9am New explosions are reported in the southern and western outskirts of Baghdad

6.35am British forces say their positions in southern Iraq have come under attack from short-range missiles - it's the first time Iraqi missiles have been aimed at targets inside Iraq rather than Kuwait

6.30am Iraqi President Saddam Hussein denies reports that some of his close family has fled abroad

6.05am US marines shoot dead an unarmed Iraqi who drove a pick-up truck at speed towards a checkpoint

5.20am A British soldier was killed in Iraq on Monday "in the course of his duties" but there are no further details, the UK Ministry of Defence announces

3.45am Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal suggests Saddam Hussein should step down as a "sacrifice for his country"

3am American newspaper, The Washington Post, reports that warning shots were fired too late to be effective in the shooting of Iraqi civilians by US soldiers at a checkpoint

Monday 31 March

9.08pm Seven Iraqi civilians - all women or children - are killed by US troops firing on their vehicle after it refused to stop at a checkpoint near Najaf

3.09pm: Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf says Iraqi forces killed 43 coalition "mercenaries" over the weekend

1.41pm: US-led forces hold about 8,000 Iraqi prisoners of war, UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon tells parliament

12.24pm Iraqi officials says 5,000 foreign volunteers have arrived in Baghdad to fight against US-led forces

11.26am Air raids resume in Baghdad, following a night of heavy bombing

10.21am The US military has been launching new air strikes on the city of Nasiriya

9.30am Iraq's state television starts broadcasting again after a disruption probably caused by bomb damage

7.30am British marines are trying to clear Iraqi forces from an area near Basra. There are reports that 50 Iraqis have surrendered.

6.27am The British army says its wiped out lots of opposition near the Rumaila oil fields overnight, and says the Royal Marines have strengthened their hold south of Basra

6.35am Two British soldiers were killed in Operation James, the military operation that took place on Sunday around the village of Abu al Khasib near Basra, the British Army confirms

6.04am The key city of Najaf is almost surrounded, US military bosses say

5.43am About 5,000 additional US troops, including special forces, are being sent to the area around Nasiriyah in a new effort to defeat Iraqi resistance there, it's reported

5.12am Marines moving into Nasiriyah find large amounts of gas masks and anti-nerve gas chemicals in an abandoned Iraqi camp, US Central Command says

12.03am Bombing continues around Baghdad, targeting Iraq's information ministry

Sunday 30 March

8.31pm A UK marine was killed and others injured when their patrol was ambushed in southern Iraq, the UK defence ministry says.

6.45pm Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz says the war is "going well" from his country's point of view.

6.15pm Fresh wave of explosions reported in central Baghdad.

5.00pm The United Nations says trucks carrying drinking-water for the people of southern Iraq has arrived from Kuwait.

4.23pm Islamic Palestinian group Hamas announces that volunteer suicide bombers have arrived in Baghdad to attack coalition troops.

2.16pm A wave of explosions are heard around the outskirts of Baghdad.

1.39pm Coalition commander General Tommy Franks denies reports of pause in the fighting.

1.00pm A US military spokesman says a truck has driven into a group of US soldiers at a base in Kuwait.

7.45am British forces say they have captured five Iraqi officers and killed a colonel of the Republican Guard in a raid on a village south of Basra.

5.50am Ten explosions heard south of Baghdad.

4.30am US newspaper editor says he thinks two reporters have been arrested by the Iraqi Government - they have disappeared from their Baghdad hotel.

3.52am US Central Command in Qatar says two more marines have been killed in accidents in south-central Iraq. One drowned after his humvee rolled into a canal and the other was hit by a vehicle while he was in a firefight with Iraqi soldiers, officials say.

2.44am Basra hit by "many explosions", according to al-Jazeera reporters in the city.

12.55am New explosions heard around Mosul in northern Iraq, according to al-Jazeera TV.

12.30am Ex-British cabinet MP Robin Cook angrily attacks the war in Iraq and asks Prime Minister Tony Blair to bring UK soldiers home.

Saturday 29 March

7.12pm Big explosions hit central Baghdad.

6.57pm British intelligence people say Iraq has fired the commander of air defence forces after Iraqi missiles aimed at coalition planes had missed and fallen back onto Baghdad.

4.00pm Iraqi Vice-President Taha Yassin Ramadan says suicide attacks against coalition troops will become normal "military policy".

3.55pm Iraq says an army officer carried out the suicide bombing that killed four US soldiers near Najaf.

12.40pm US Central Command says there is no pause in military operations against Iraq.

12.10pm The bodies of the first British servicemen to die during the war are brought back to England.

12.05pm US marines say they have found large amounts of ammunition and chemical warfare protection equipment during a search of an Iraqi military base near Nasiriya.

12.00pm Baghdad comes under more heavy bombardment from coalition forces.

10.20am Iraq accuses US-led forces of killing 140 civilians over the past 24 hours.

9.30am US military officials say a suicide bomber has killed five Americans soldiers in an attack near the city of Najaf in central Iraq.

7.50am UK defence officials are investigating reports that four or five British soldiers were kidnapped in Basra overnight.

5.30am US forces launch new attack on the southern town of Nasiriya.

4.00am Coalition warplanes begin fresh wave of bombing in Baghdad.

2.00am The US warns terror attacks are planned on the Yemen and advises American citizens to consider leaving the Gulf state, reports say.

1.40am US jets have destroyed a building in Basra housing a meeting of 200 Saddam supporters, coalition officials reveal.

00.45am The Australian Government announces A$83m (32m) worth of aid to UN appeal for Iraq.

Friday 28 March

11.15pm A "friendly fire" incident in southern Iraq claims the life of one British soldier and injures others, reports say.

10.45pm Smoke rising over Kuwait City after missile blast near shopping centre, reports say.

10.00pm Large explosion near Iraqi information ministry in Baghdad, reports say.

8.45pm Coalition warplanes attack Baghdad, according to news agency reports.

6.15pm Dozens of civilians are reportedly killed in an explosion at a Baghdad market.

4.45pm One US Marine is reported to have been killed in an accident near the southern town of Nasiriya, four others are said to be missing.

3.15pm Windows of the British embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran are smashed following anti-war protest by thousands of people.

2.45pm Britain's Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Mike Jackson, says the Iraqi army in the south of the country is "pinned down".

12.30pm The British supply ship, the Sir Galahad, arrives at the southern Iraqi port of Umm Qasr to deliver the first shipload of aid supplies.

11.15am Iraqi television shows interviews with three Iraqi men arrested on suspicion of spying for the United States.

10.10am British military try to get ambulances into Basra, but cannot get through Iraqi defences.

9.45am Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf says coalition bombing killed seven and injured 92 in Baghdad on Thursday.

8.00am UK military spokesmen say local Iraqi soldiers shot at 1,000 to 2,000 civilians trying to escape Basra.

6.50am UK Prime Minister Tony Blair tells the BBC the war against Saddam Hussein will take time and have its "tough and difficult moments."

6.17am US marines report capturing an Iraqi general in Nasiriya on Thursday, a BBC reporter says.

6.07am Thousands more US troops are moving in to join the battle for the southern Iraqi city of Nasiriya, backed by heavy artillery.

5.45am The British ship Sir Galahad, carrying 600 tonnes of food and water for the Iraqi people, is getting closer to the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr behind teams of minesweepers and a mine-hunting ship.

5.00am BBC reporters hear more explosions in Baghdad, and say Thursday night's bombings among the most heaviest so far.

4.00am More explosions reported in Baghdad, along with the sound of anti-aircraft gunfire.

12.59am US military spokesman at Coalition Central Command says air strikes and cruise missiles have destroyed a major communication centre and command-and-control centre in Baghdad.

12.00am UK Prime Minister Tony Blair begins talks with United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, on the role of the UN in Iraq after war.

Thursday 27 March

8.20pm More large explosions and anti-aircraft fire have been heard in Baghdad.

7.15pm The Iraqi defence minister said troops were prepared to defend Baghdad and admitted that coalition troops would soon surround the city.

7.07pm US ambassador walked out of UN debate after Iraqi ambassador accused US of trying to exterminate Iraqi people.

5.18 pm Arab news channel al-Jazeera showed pictures of a US Army Apache attack helicopter which it said had been shot down over Iraq.

5.00pm President Bush and Prime Minister Blair made a speech about their plans for the future. Bush said that both countries were committed to freeing the people of Iraq "however long it takes."

Blair said that two dead British airmen shown on Arabic TV had been executed.

They also said that they would work with the UN to clean up Iraq after the war.

1.30pm More fierce fighting going on between US Marines and Iraqi forces near the important town of Nasiriya

11.30am More loud explosions are heard in Baghdad

9.50am British tanks destroyed a convoy of 14 Iraqi tanks and four armoured cars in southern Iraq on Thursday morning, a UK military spokesman says

9am Iraqi officials say 36 people were killed in the previous day's US and British air strikes on Baghdad

8.45am American troops are involved in heavy fighting with Iraqi forces in the town of Samawah, about 150 miles south of Baghdad

7am US military says 37 Marines were injured when they were hit by fire from their own side near the city of Nasiriya

6.51am British forces take Iraqi state radio and television off the air in Basra

5.56am The British Royal Navy says the first ship bringing aid to Iraq has been delayed by 24 hours because of the discovery of mines

12.58am US defence bosses say there is "no conclusive evidence" that coalition forces were responsible for the bombing of a Baghdad market place on Wednesday which left 14 dead.

12.53am At least 10 explosions are reported in Baghdad, along with anti-aircraft fire

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