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  Troops ready to attack Iraq
Updated 19 March 2003, 22.43
A US Army armor personnel carrier in northern Kuwait
Troops, led by the United States, have taken up battle positions for an invasion of Iraq.

They are ready to go into the country to destroy Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction after he refused to get rid of them himself.

Missiles are being made ready and huge convoys of soldiers and tanks have been moving across the desert towards Iraq.

US and British planes have fired at Iraqi arms sites but the Ministry of Defence said that's not the start of the war.

Out of time

President Bush's deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq ends at 1am UK time on Thursday.

A UK soldier training in the Kuwaiti desert
If Saddam doesn't go, a massive air bombing campaign will probably start soon afterwards.

That will be followed by soldiers invading on the ground.

17 Iraqi soldiers are said to have already surrendered to US troops on the Kuwaiti border.

US commanders are confident that they can win the war in only a few days.

But already there's been a fierce sandstorm, which has made it really difficult to see.

What about Iraq?

Iraqi children play with a pretend gun as they get ready for war
Iraqi children play with a pretend gun as they get ready for war
Across Iraq, people have been getting ready for war.

Many will have to spend days and nights in air-raid shelters.

So they've been hurrying to buy extra supplies of food and fuel.

Other key developments

  • Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, says there is "every chance" war will begin on Thursday
  • The Turkish Government is asking parliament to allow US planes to use its air space, with a vote expected on Thursday
  • France, one of the countries most against war, says that if Iraq uses weapons of mass destruction it may consider sending soldiers to help
  • People in Israel have been warned to wear gas masks outside

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