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  Bush tells Saddam he has 48hrs to leave Iraq
Updated 18 March 2003, 07.21
President Bush's speech was seen around the world
US president George Bush has given Saddam Hussein 48 hours to leave Iraq and never return.

That deadline also applies to Saddam Hussein's two sons, Qusay and Uday, giving the trio until around 1am on Thursday morning to get out.

Bush added that if they didn't leave then military action against Iraq would begin, at a time that the US decides.

Australian anti-war protesters painted a slogan on the Sydney Opera House
Australian anti-war protesters painted a slogan on the Sydney Opera House
More than 250,000 US troops are getting ready to take part in a war with Iraq, along with thousands of UK troops too.

Experts say there is almost no chance of Saddam Hussein leaving the country.

Other countries aren't happy with this latest move by the US, because they think that any military action should only happen if the United Nations agree.

No UN backing for war

On Monday a resolution that would have given UN permission for a war was withdrawn because some countries said they would never vote for it.

Other key Iraq developments:

  • The US advises all non Iraqi people, including journalists and weapons inspectors to leave the country
  • In the UK, cabinet minister and former foreign secretary Robin Cook resigns from the government in protest against war
  • On Tuesday the UK parliament will talk and then vote on whether British soldiers should join in with the war
  • Health Minister Lord Hunt resigns in protest against the war
  • Australia promises to send troops to help the fight against Iraq

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