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  Our man in the Gulf: To the Ark Royal
Updated 12 March 2003, 17.24
The Ark Royal
BBC reporter and ex-Newsround presenter Matthew Price is on aircraft carrier Ark Royal in the Gulf.

Matthew Price
Our reporter, Matthew Price
He'll be doing a web diary for CBBC Newsround.

Here, he talks about the difficulties getting on board.

Diary entry 1

It's not easy to get to the Ark Royal.

First we flew to the country of Bahrain, south of Iraq. Then the really interesting bit.

We got up at 4am to board a British Navy ship called Diligence, which had come to pick us up.

Ten hour wait!

But as soon as we got on the ship, we were told it had a fault and we wouldn't leave for at least five hours.

In the end it turned out to be 10!

So we sat and waited.

We watched the US troops moored alongside getting ready for a possible war.

We saw a massive catamaran unloading supplies, and soldiers in desert gear patrolling with guns.

When one of my cameramen tried to film a US patrol boat, they roared up close to get him to stop.

Secret weapon

Zac the seal guards the ships
Zac the seal guards the ships
They are on high alert - so high they say they have brought in four seals to patrol around the ships!

If anyone tries to scuba-dive to attack the boats, the seals are trained to catch them.

Although it'll probably be a hi-tech war, it shows it's not all about the latest technology.

Check out Matthew's first impressions of life on board tomorrow!

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